For Overseas Customers
About Deliveries to Overseas

Due to the impact of COVID-19, there are some countries and regions where delivery is not possible, and some countries and regions where delivery may take longer.

Solaria will send Products to overseas through EMS (Express Mail Service). Delivery charges vary depending on countries/regions of deliver destinations, and weights at the time of packaging of the Products you purchased.
Gift-wrapping service is not available.

In case customs duties are imposed on Products, payment will be made in accordance with the laws of respective countries.

For delivery charges/ necessary days for deliveries, please confirm from the link described below.
The number of days taken for delivery is used just as a guide. Delivery of Products might be slightly delayed due to traffic situations or customs clearance.

Japan Post Website: Table of Delivery Charge/Necessary Days for Delivery for International Mails

About the purchasing method

Solaria will accept Credit Card Package Payments.

  1. Please inform our shop by email of your Product name and URL, size, and delivery country/region name.
  2. We will check on delivery charges on our side, and prepare a purchasing page on PayPal.
  3. Please settle the total amount of the Product and postage on Paypal (not including custom duty).
    You cannot cancel your order, or change your order content after the settlement has been completed.
  4. After the Product has been dispatched, we will inform you of your tracking number.

About the Returns / Exchanges

Please inform us within 10 calendar days counting from the delivery date the Product.
Solaria cannot respond to an issue relating to any Product after the lapse of that period, even if it is any defective Product or erroneously delivered Product.
If the Product is damaged or stained, please take a photos of the damage or stain and attach that to your email.

In case the replacement Product is not in stock or has been permanently discontinued, we will respond to that case by refunding.

In case of return or exchange because of customer’s personal preference such as “the size does not fit”, “the color is different from what you expected”, “the Product has become unnecessary, delivery charges when forwarded to you, return shipping fee, a fee charged for refund will be paid by the customer.

In case a Product(s) is returned to us without our consent, we will refuse to receive the Product(s). Upon arrival of the return Product(s), we will check for the condition of the Product(s), and then we will dispatch replacement Product(s) or refund. In case the Product(s) is not returned to us even after the lapse of 30 calendar days counting from the consent of return, we might not able to refund. Therefore, please send back the Product(s) quickly.

Please understand, unless any hidden defect is found in Product(s), we cannot respond to return or exchange in the cases described below:

  • In case the Product(s) tags are removed;
  • Product(s) that has experienced wear and tear or damage that could never happen in trial-fitting;
  • Product(s) that you used, washed, repaired or tailored;
  • Product(s) to which the smell of perfume or tobacco/pet adheres;
  • SALE or OUTLET Target Product(s);
  • Layaway applicable Product(s)/custom-made Product(s)/Product(s) with customer’s name printed on it;
    Underwear/swimwear/socks/tights or other Products directly touching the skin; Product(s) written as “We are not accepting returns or exchanges of purchased Products” at Product Detail page

In the event of occurrence of postal accidents such as non-delivery, theft, partial loss, damage of postal matters:

Sender plays a role in making claim for damages of postal matters. In case where the Product(s) delivered to you is damaged or stained, please take a photo(s) and inform us by attaching that to your email. However, please conserve the postal matters as they were. Complaint of deficiency or damage in the content of Product(s) to a local post office needs to be made by customer.

In any case, first of all, you need to submit investigation request or tracking request to us. Upon receiving the result of the investigation, if it is decided that the claim for damages is reasonable, we will perform the procedure relating to the claim.

If there’s anything you are unclear on, please contact us.


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